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Костанайская область,

г. Рудный,

ул. Парковая, д. 34

Телефон: (71431) 9-92-22

Факс: (71431) 9-92-22


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Success is the recognition of your results

About school - Оur school

The model of adaptive school – educational institution which "strives, on the one hand, maximally adapt to the pupils with their individual characteristics, with another – to flexibly respond to changing socio-cultural environment" (J. E. Yamburg).

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One of the primary tasks facing the teaching staff of the school, – the provision of quality education services.

Our institution functions as an adaptive school, where through the creation of meaningful, organizational and methodological conditions is designed to help every student to be:

• the subject of his own life;

• subject subject;

• stakeholder communication;

• stakeholder identity.

As the target adaptive schools we are determined to create an educational environment that ensures the self-development of each student. This environment is designed to encourage the student can realize himself as the subject of his own life, activities, communication and awareness taking into account their psychophysiological peculiarities and educational opportunities.

On our site you can get accurate information about the school development and renewal of education and of the teaching staff and certified teachers, the achievements of our pupils and students, and the answers to other questions of interest to parents and visitors to our website.

Waiting for your feedback, questions and constructive suggestions that will help in the organization of the work site.

Sincerely, the headmaster

Valieva Sinar Kubinova




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